Fort Collins Real Estate

Equity Max Realty is an independent brokerage that offers real estate services in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor Wellington, Timnath and the surrounding northern Colorado area. Oakley Roberts, Realtor® created Equity-Max Realty to offer custom tailored, rationally priced services to sellers to MAXimize their equity and provide sincere advocacy and guidance to homebuyers so they can make a Smart Home Purchase.

Buy Smart
with a Homebuyer Advocate

Searching for a home is more than finding the right home to fit your needs.  There are a multitude of issues that affect whether your new home is a smart buy.

To accomplish a smart buy a homebuyer advocate will provide critical knowledge of 

  • the current market environment,
  • changing regulations,
  • best financing options, and
  • evaluate market value,
  • potential for equity growth,
  • negotiation strategies, and
  • assist in developing a plan to MAXimize equity for a future sale.

Equity-Max Realty is dedicated to buyer advocacy that helps buyers make a smart investment from the start that builds equity and plan for a future successful sale.

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MAXimize Your Equity and Save Thousands on Commissions

Equity-Max Realty provides full professional service for your home sale while charging a rational flat fee commission that saves you thousands and, most importantly focuses on the best strategies specific to your home sale so that your return of equity is MAXimized!

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